Artist Statement

"I thrive when creating from divine inspiration, combining a Native American aesthetic with contemporary design. My passion is intense for making art rooted in my aboriginal heritage, as an Oneida Iroquois Wolf Clan member.

I consider and incorporate the healing properties of color, materials and intent when creating. Color is something I have been passionate about my whole life and comes naturally to me.

The art I create is an expression of my love for the universe and earthly (and otherworldly) beings. My creations are an homage to the experience of love and life. I am attempting to capture an emotion, a moment in time of pure love. As humans we are blessed to experience the divine flow of creation. When creating, I find myself in a place where time and space do not exist. I am happiest creating in this space, channeling visions of future works.

I consider myself a radical compassionist in a world filled with suffering.  I am creating tools for healing, manifestation and enlightenment. My art becomes a new symbolic language that surrounds my being with the manifestation of the divine."  Leah Shenandoah



 ©Leah Shenandoah 2015